Puppy Training Timeline: Teaching Good Behavior Before It’s Too Late

According to her, “Lev” has an individual approach australian shepherd training to every animal. ### If you are clicker-training, you could click when the dog did his stuff where you wanted him to, then give him a treat a few moments later, when he is done. If your puppy continues to struggle, check with your vet to ensure your dog doesn’t have a urinary tract infection.

By now, he should have learned the basic commands and well-behavior. Once you’ve decided that a corgi is the right breed for you, do your diligence to find a reputable breeder that breeds healthy dogs humanely. DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO PUPPY MILLS OR BACKYARD BREEDERS. Don’t ever buy a corgi from a pet store. Visit a few of the breeders’ grounds and dogs before making your decision. You may have to wait a year or two for your pup, but it will be worth it in the long run to have a corgi that is health tested and bred the right way.

  • Well-trained dogs are happier and healthier than untrained dogs, and so are their owners.
  • This can be shown in a variety of different ways, from handing out a few tasty dog treats, to petting or playing with the dog for a little bit.
  • The world is full of things your dog wants, such as delicious food, comforting cuddles, and walks outside.
  • After all, as much as your dog may love you, making you happy isn’t their only goal.
  • Obedience training can be done in large groups, or privately with a tutor who comes to work with you and your Corgi in your home.

Puppies are entering the adolescence stage by this point, and it is the most difficult stage to start training at. That is why it is important to start training them as young as possible! At this stage you will continue training to solidify and strengthen their skills in more public and distracting settings such as dog parks.

Teach The Corgi to experiment with Fetch

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Clean Problems Thoroughly

Provide the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation. For young puppies, mental stimulation is just as tiring as physical exercise and is safer for their growing bodies. The new puppy you brought home two days ago has no idea what the word “no” means. Instead of expecting him to drop whatever it is he’s doing, show him what you want him to do instead. If you’re struggling with any of these tricks, you can always call the AKC GoodDog! Helpline, which offers live-telephone service and video consultations to help you work through pain points.

You’ll be back to sleeping with both eyes closed soon enough. If you were a teeny baby, you’d probably want to sleep next to someone too. Having them sleep beside you will also be of great help with potty training – you’ll be able to rush them to the bathroom as soon as you hear them squeak. In the first week, we’ll dive straight into socialization exercises, training and husbandry tasks.

If you want to participate in dog sports like Barn Hunt or Obedience with your Corgi, you need to introduce them to as many loud noises as possible. You can even invest in a small set of equipment that dogs can explore at home. They love spending time with humans, which is why it’s important to get them used to meeting new people. Starting around eight weeks, you need to start socializing your dog around strangers.

It’s also fun for you and strengthens your relationship. Online courses, apps or books about dog training are often cheaper and can be a good alternative if you want to work on your own. Especially young dogs who are full of energy like to jump up. If you meet your puppy in a squatting position from the beginning, he won’t need to jump up at all.

Some people, however, plan for their dogs to have an indoor toileting spot, with potty pads as part of their dogs’ lifelong scenario. This can be convenient, so you don’t have to make that trip outside, by giving a dog a legal potty place indoors. However, they don’t magically attract dogs to eliminate on them; dogs need to be taught to use them, just like they need to be taught to go outdoors. Either task can be accomplished by following the rules of house training 101. High-value food rewards should be stored on a shelf or table by the door so you can grab them on the way out with your dog. And the rewards of praise and play should be abundantly part of the potty party that celebrates your dog’s success at pottying in the proper place.

As your corgi approaches the 16th week of life, it’s time to start introducing it to other people. Start with important people around you, such as family members and friends who visit often. Let your corgi puppy wander around the house or apartment.