3 Females Faced With Beating And Robbing Guy

3 Ladies Charged With Beating And Robbing Man

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3 Females Charged With Beating And Robbing Guy Before Dumping Him From Auto

Three females from the Milwaukee area were detained in Chicago when they presumably robbed and defeat a person in a car before dumping him from vehicle inside the area’s Lincoln Park neighbor hood. Felicia Anderson, 31, of Milwaukee; Jasmine Ross, 30, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; and Anesha Robinson, 30, of Milwaukee were all arrested and faced with aggravated battery pack causing fantastic actual harm, but obtaining all of them in cuffs wasn’t an easy process.

  1. Police saw the crime in progress.

    Officers saw the man becoming beaten in the vehicle at approximately 3:25 a.m. on North Sedgwick St. and had been attempting to pull the motorist over. Unfortuitously, they lost look of the car plus the the next thing they knew, the guy in question were tossed from car as well as the ladies happened to be nowhere coming soon.

  2. The women were sooner or later tracked down.

    After putting away a flash information on top of the air, the officials ultimately monitored along the automobile on western North Avenue near Sheffield Avenue and pulled it over,
    CBS 2
    research. They soon discovered that the guy was robbed plus outdone.

  3. The man concerned had to go directly to the medical facility.

    The 24-year-old prey was taken up Illinois Masonic clinic where he was addressed for incidents to his face, though it’s unclear whether these were severe or small.

  4. It’s uncertain what led to the attack and burglary.

    This hasn’t been reported whether or not the females realized the person concerned or if perhaps something predicated the event. Anyway, it’s good that they can face fairness for what they have done.

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